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Hello December Goodness // Tips for Getting Organized with December Daily®

Annette Haring

Hello again!

Last post I shared some of my favorite supplies for completing my December Daily® in 2016. I'm primarily using bits and pieces from the kits from Ali Edwards and friends. See for more info.

Next up I have a video sharing a few ways I'm organizing this year. 

As always, when I get creating things may change. It's all about building flexibility and options at this point. I usually try to simplify my supplies later as I get the foundation pages finished. 

I generally have a few little baskets and bins that get repurposed for different projects. Then I have storage under my desk for extra supplies that are nice to have out of sight but close at hand. Keeps the clutter and choices from overwhelming me but I know I have additional options if I get stuck on something. Know what I mean?

Baskets from Target, IKEA and Container Store seem to be my go-to baskets. I also love the little white bowls, berry baskets and other small storage containers from Target. Dollar spot is the best! I've used muffin tins in the past and they work great too. There are some gorgeous storage containers I'm crushing on from Crate Paper right now too. Search "Crate Paper" on and you'll see what I mean! Their mint muffin tin = awesome. Check it out here. I've also painted my muffin tins in the past but this just seems way easier :)

I'm also really loving the galvanized tray from Target to hold the smaller baskets and supplies in. I have two and I really love how they help organize the baskets and then slip into my bookshelf easily.

This is one of my favorite little baskets to repurpose for my current projects. Found it at the Dollar Spot last year at Target. Love it.


My goal is mainly to get organized enough that my supplies are visible and easy for me to remember to use. Then if I want more choices I can go to my storage container under my desk. 

Note: if you are feeling overwhelmed with everyone sharing or too many supplies, check out Ali's post about Finding Your Enough with Memory Keeping. It's a topic that I love and has really helped me in the past several years. Definitely check it out here.

What I'm using right now is a scrapbook organizer cart from Iris. You can find that on Amazon here. The thing I really like about it is that it holds 12x12 items (so papers, letter stickers, etc.) fit easily and then the drawers pullout so I can easily put it on the desk to get creating.



Then I can put the drawer back in the cart and the space feels open and clean again. Because right now, I'm at the tipping point where I can definitely get too much out. At that point it can feel overwhelming to me. So honestly I do try to keep my desktop organizers to things I will hopefully use but then I know my other supplies are there if nothing is calling to me when I am actually creating. 

And the nice thing about the trays and baskets is that I can slip them onto my bookshelf so hopefully the desktop can stay semi-clear and ready for me to create.

So here is another video sharing some of my organization for December Daily this year. 

And now it's time to go clean up my desk again! Hoping to share a video and blog post soon of my foundation pages for my main album.

Happy organizing!! Let me know if you have any questions! Would love to hear what works for you too!