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This December | A Bucket List Album

Annette Haring

Hello December!

I wanted to share a bit more of the plans I have for this December. I'm excited.

I'm carrying on the idea from the summer that Ali Edwards had to do a Summer Manifesto. I did it during the summer and absolutely loved it. Like she said, it was about living with intention, and I was so happy I did it, that I didn't miss out on those roadside peaches. Awesome stuff.

Bring on the bucket list! 

My husband and I have come up with 12 items for our bucket list/manifesto. We may not get to all 12 but I'm really hoping we can. I wanted to call it "this Christmas" but I ended up losing a letter s and actually "this December" works better, as all our items are not necessarily Christmas related.

So here's our list:
  1. A Downtown Christmas Celebration
  2. Meet Santa (this will be her first time so I hope it goes good!)
  3. 25 Days of Books (M really loves books and I thought it would be a great way to get some Christmas books + be a bit of a countdown to Christmas. I've heard it's a really great activity so we are hoping it will turn out to be fun).
  4. Watch Elf, make (or decorate) cookies and snuggle. (I really want to bake my sister's awesome sugar cookies but being realistic here).
  5. Elf on the Shelf! (thanks to my husband for surprising us today with it!)
  6. Gingerbread houses. (This is one my husband put down and really wants to do with M).
  7. Relax and enjoy the lights and some Christmas music. (with a busy schedule we really need to make this one a priority).
  8. Decorate the tree. 
  9. Do some art with Maggie. (take time to do some hand painting with her--she loves it).
  10. Date night. 
  11. Travel (road trip) to visit relatives out of state (a visit long over-due)
  12. Watch a bowl game with my Mom. (both my husband and I put this one on here--she really loves football). Also in this category will be a possible fishing trip with my Dad. (depends on the weather, etc but we are hoping it happens).
I'm also thinking I'll include Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in this album as I think there will be room. I'm planning on making an intro page about why we are doing it, what our regular schedules and routines are in order to give an overall view of us right now. I have a feeling this season is going to fly by, and I'm hoping we can make some magic this year. I loved that as a child my parents did things to make it magical. I hope to carry on that idea.

I'll update with pics of the album when I can--check out my Instagram feed for some sneaks!

Hope you are having a great December 1! If you are looking for more inspiration as to how to approach December Daily and other projects, check out Ali's blog today. Awesome stuff! Click here to see her list of stories she has told over the years of doing this project. Did I mention it's awesome?

Happy December to you!!

updated: here are a few pictures of my album so far. I'm planning on doing another post with how I did the album and hopefully more of my foundation pages. Thanks for looking!