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Organization: For the Love of Flair

Annette Haring

Is anyone else taking Spring Training with Ella Publishing? I have taken all of their events and I really love them. I like the short videos (I can fit them in my schedule) and the short "exercises." Seriously, even I can dump my supplies on my table! That part was really fun. But back to my topic...the first section is about organization and the first challenge is to pick one area of our supplies and do an initial sort. Whether to keep, put in short term storage, toss or file away. I think those were the categories. 

So one of my favorite products is flair. I love flair buttons or badges as they are sometimes called. And I have a growing stash as of late, so I thought I could try to organize it a little better, so that as Wendy put it, "Our fun level can increase" or something like that.

The first step was to dump the supplies on our workspace and then do the initial sort. Well, that is pretty easy with this group because I love it all! And I have been using flair and plan to continue using it. So it gets to stay! Happy day indeed! 

Stay tuned for more episodes of flair organization, photography, embellishing and techniques inspired by Ella Publishing Spring Training!

**Flair from various sources. Ormolu, Hello Forever, a Flair for Buttons, Studio Calico, and October Afternoon. I am also wishing for some from Evalicious and A Life Handmade.