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Organization: Flair in a Muffin Tin

Annette Haring

And the organization continues. Remember this pile? Well, the next steps from Ella Publishing's Spring Training were to take the pile and sort it according to how we would use it. I am tempted to leave it all in a bowl or jar because then I can see it on my shelf. It just makes me happy.

But just because of the projects I am using these for, I think by manufacturer is how I will go.

Now to decide on a container: my favorite things are a mix of vintage and modern, and repurposing items that one might use in say, the kitchen (if I cooked). Here I have a vintage mason jar (closed and visible), a vintage ceramic bowl (open and visible), an Ikea spice tin (closed and partially visible) and a thrift store muffin tin that I painted with chalkboard paint. hmmm....

I can't help it. I just want to use the muffin tin! It will help keep it organized by manufacturer and I just slide these on top of my category drawer photo boxes on my bookshelf to keep little hands from running away with all my stash! 

And the fun part is I can change it up whenever I need to, yet still be able to remember where a certain little badge is from. 

When I am planning or working on a project I can just pull it down on my table. Easy peasy. One other little thing I love are these antique butter pats. I learned about these from Jenni Bowlin and I just adore them. Pretty and functional. It keeps a few of the items I am working on very close and visible. Which is a good thing for me.

So that's my plan for now. I have used muffin tins in the past for projects that are in progress and that can overwhelm a space, like December Daily. I keep an eye out for them at the thrift store.

And it's National or International Scrapbooking Day! Lots of deals online and in the stores. I'll admit I celebrating a bit! And now, to go scrap a little too. Happy scrappy day to you!