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Project Dig Deep | a few extras and a book party

Annette Haring

Thanks everyone for the support for the eBook! It's my first time ever being published, so it's pretty exciting for me :)

As part of the launch for the eBook, Big Picture Classes will be hosting an eBook Party next week, and I'll be doing a chat in the Project Life Community (it's free to join). I'll be hosting a chat in the community there on Friday 11-30-12 at 8 pm central time. I would love to have you join me!

You can join the community here.

You can get your own copy of Project Dig Deep here (clicking this link is an affiliate link-no extra cost to you).

I really loved these layouts I did. In fact, I created a bit more than there was room to show in the eBook, so I got permission to share the extras here! yay!!

Here are the pages from the personality "bonus" or "insight" pages I did (which you see above). The 6x12 striped page is just to set it apart from the other spread. If you flip that 6x12 grid page over, this is the title page. It's hard to see, but it's a little metal flair button from Amy Tangerine that says, "Let's Go" which I thought was perfect for pages highlighting her on the go personality. The paper is from Studio Calico.

In the eBook you can see quite a bit actually. On the back of the 8x10 large photo is a page where I talk about her and why I'm doing this layout, kind of an introduction. I'll admit I cried mama tears as I wrote it. Those are good tears, but just shows how much heart I put into this project. Then the parts you see peeking through are her just getting going at under a year old (she started walking at 10 months).

Also in the eBook you can see the next two page spread, where I highlighted her at 1 year and at 2 years old and showed her personality and growth during that time. (see why the mama tears, hello they grow up too fast!!)

This is the last page of the project, which I made with the Design G page protectors from Becky Higgins. I think I might add a right side to finish her at 2 years old, then do her when she is 3 as a left and right side, and repeat each year. I'm not sure if I said it in the eBook, but what I ended up doing was creating a mini-book within a book, which I totally love. If I do that I will eventually move this into her own "All About Maggie" book within my Library of Memories albums.

Here is a glimpse at another "insight" or "bonus" layout I made to celebrate our tradition of going to Rudy's for breakfast tacos. This is part of the right side of the layout (which is a Design A page protector). In the eBook you can see most of it but the 6x12 insert covers this part. 

I wanted to include it here because it shows how I capture the story of the clean hands. They have a really fun handwashing station and you get a sticker that says, "I have clean hands." Needless to say, this is always a highlight of the trip! :) To keep the layout from getting overwhelming I just used the sticker on a 3x4 piece of patterned paper and wrote the journaling on a shipping tag and slipped it in behind it. This technique works really well on the right side layouts because it's easy to pull things on that side.

I also used a Design I page protector as another insert for some Instagrams I had. That one of her in the elephant pajamas has to be one of my favorite photos from the whole time we've been going.

And on the back of that page are just some more Instagrams (these are 4x4 pocket pages).

Thanks for looking! I'm still pinching myself at being a part of this eBook. I've been a fan of the crew from Ella Publishing and Big Picture Classes since the days of Simple Scrapbooks. Finding them, along with Cathy Z and Ali Edwards are some of the reasons I got back into scrapbooking and I'm so thankful to be a part of this. Let me know if you have any questions! And I'll hope to be chatting soon with you this Friday! 

Products used: (for full list see the eBook). Here are a just a few of the items used. If you have any questions just let me know.

Project Dig Deep and My First Giveaway!

Annette Haring

I've been so excited to share that I'm a contributor to this awesome eBook from Ella Publishing Co/Big Picture Classes. All about finding and telling the "deeper" stories or insight pages sparked by what we are already capturing in our Project Life pages (whether you do it weekly, monthly (like me), or some other way). The stories I share in the book are all about Maggie's "On the Go" personality and our "tradition" of breakfast tacos at Rudy's. Plus you can see my summer bucket list pages and my Take 12 layout from May that never made it to the blog! :) So excited to see my Maggie on the cover!

Here's the information from Ella Publishing:

Project Dig Deep eBook Discover and share exciting new stories within your Project Life system

Becky Higgins' Project Life system, which is built around the idea of scrapbooking quickly inside divided page protectors, has revolutionized the way thousands of people approach memory keeping.

We're thrilled to unveil the first eBook to dive deep into the Project Life system, revealing seven amazing strategies that could revolutionize the way you approach Project Life!

This is your chance to join seven avid scrapbookers as they get inspired by their own recent scrapbook pages and then "dig deep" to tell seven types of expanded stories within their ongoing Project Life albums.

Whether you scrapbook chronologically or in a story-based format, you'll love these concrete strategies for discovering and sharing meaningful stories. You'll be inspired to expand on a loved one's personality, flash back to the past, show off a photo tour of a beloved place, create a tribute page to a loved one who has passed on, explore an important relationship, and more!

Meaningful, story-based scrapbooking has never been easier—or more fun!

Meet the talented ladies whose stories compose the eBook

Annette Haring   <---  that's me! :)

Get your own copy of Project Dig Deep here! (clicking this link is an affiliate link-no extra cost to you).

Note that it's on sale Save $3! Introductory price of $6.99 ends November 25. Regularly $9.99.

--->I also have a copy to give away: just leave a comment below and I'll pick a random winner this Thursday 11-22-12 at 10 pm central time. <---

For more Project Life inspiration follow our Pinterest Board, Join the free BPC community or visit

Here is a look at some of the pages. I love all the different topics and the different styles of all the contributors. Lots of resources and creative ideas in here.

A look at my little Maggie's personality pages. With both of my insight pages I've created a foundation for continuing to tell the story if I choose to. Kind of a mini-book within a book. And with both of the insight pages I can either keep these in my current Project Life book, or add them to my Library of Memories albums (All About Maggie and Places We Go). 

Her personality pages were sparked by looking at my summer bucket list pages and seeing all these photos of her loving to be "on the go".

A look at Jessica's pages and her cute little Adeline. I really want to do a page on the story of Maggie's name soon.

As part of the launch for the eBook, Big Picture Classes will be hosting an eBook Party next week, and I'll be doing a chat in the Project Life Community (it's free to join). I'll be sure to let you know when I'll be hosting a chat. You can join the community here.

So there it is! Like I said, I'm really thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this book and to get some of my stories told in a way that I love. 

Be sure to leave a comment for a chance to win! I'll pick a random winner this Thursday 11-22-12 at 10 pm central time. You can follow me and get updates by joining the blog (up there on the right sidebar) or follow by email. You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram: annetteharing. Make sure you have a way for me to contact you too!

Have fun "digging deep" and finding stories to tell! I would love to see what you create!

Remember to get your own copy of Project Dig Deep here!


Results 11-22-12: Thanks everyone for your sweet comments!! The random winner is #5: Jenn! Congrats Jenn! Send me an email so I can give you the info to get your eBook! :)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Thank YOU so much for your positive encouragement and support! You are all truly amazing and I am blessed to be a part of such a great community!