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Do The One Thing

Annette Haring

So back at the end of August, Ali asked us in the One Little Word group for our suggestions on additional journaling ideas and prompts to help us stay connected to our word. 

At the time I had been debating owning my story that I want to get better at photography. I have always wanted to be a photographer. It was always on my list. Does this mean I have to quit my job, quit everything to make a dramatic scene to make this happen? No, I really don't think so. Keeping my family fed and happy is very important to me. Plus, I really like being a physical therapist. But I know that following inspiration really helps me be a better person in all areas of my life. 

But I can keep taking steps towards improving my photography and see where it leads. If anything, I hope to continue improve my photography for me, my family and my friends. To help inspire us to live in the moment and capture + tell our stories. 

So to answer Ali's question I wrote this:

Something like a "One Thing" prompt: I know you've done a similar thing before. Maybe blend it with the Battle prompt. It's that one thing that you are going to be be vulnerable and put yourself out there and just do. (can you tell I've been reading Brene Brown?) Maybe a twist on that would be to have an adventure with our word. Make a plan and do the "one thing" that has been in your mind and heart that you just haven't done because of ….. (fear, shame, time, whatever.)

So that very day I decided to take my own challenge and go for it. I registered to go to a photography conference that I had been debating attending for about three months or more! 

And tomorrow morning I head out to go to my first photography conference where I don't know anyone and I'm so excited!!

In case you haven't heard of it, it is the Click Away Conference by Clickin Moms. I will be sure to give a report!

I've signed up for a video storytelling class, an unposed boutique and my Golden Hour class is going to be about Light Play! hello…my One Little Word is dancing all around me right now! 

And I get to hear and hopefully meet Karen Walrond! How awesome is that? Her tagline is "Look for the Light" and if there is anyone to help me get inspired about a possible career / life change, I would guess she would be a great one for gaining inspiration.

My One Little Word is "light" this year. It's been such a wonderful word. 

My One Little Word is "light" this year. It's been such a wonderful word. 

Okay, so I'm nervous but also excited. And it's time to get packing.

How about you? How is your One Little Word reaching out to you right now? Are you reaching back and following your inspiration? 


I hereby challenge you to "Do the One Thing!"

Let's go have an adventure with our word!


Also, in other news: if you are following me on Instagram and you are struggling like me to finish your Week in the LIfe™, I am giving away a Week in the Life™ kit from Ali Edwards, plus Persnickety Prints and Tracy Larsen are joining in with a giveaway! All to help us be inspired to Finish Strong!

All you have to do is tag your photo of your pages in progress or finished album #finishstrongWITL to be entered.

I will have a post on my blog soon with more details. My work and side projects are a little busy right now! Will get it up as soon as I can!

Check out details on my Instagram here.

For more information on Ali Edwards and Week in the Life™ click here.

Giving away an Ali Edwards Week in the Life™ Kit (grey stories album) to help us finish up our Week in the Life™ project! Details coming soon.  Not affiliated or sponsored by Ali Edwards.

Giving away an Ali Edwards Week in the Life™ Kit (grey stories album) to help us finish up our Week in the Life™ project! Details coming soon. Not affiliated or sponsored by Ali Edwards.

And I'm finishing up class content for a Project Life® prompt/process class at Big Picture Classes. I've been wanting to share for the past year my process for using the Project Life App among other things. And as usual, I went overboard! So, it's coming! 

Thanks for all your support! Can't wait to share more about the conference too.

keep looking for the good and hope you have a wonderful day!



One Little Word | Light | January 2015

Annette Haring

I thought I would finally share some of my pages from the January prompt for One Little Word. This is a class taught by Ali Edwards. You can find information on it here.

I've participated with One Little Word since 2008 I think. Past words were simplify, savor, adventure, focus, awake, move, magic and now light. Some years I am intentional about it, other years I just listen and take note of the words that stand out. From my own experience, I am better with a word that is more broad. I'm a perfectionist and the all/none of a specific word really gets me down if I don't accomplish all my goals. Some years I have participated with the prompts and other years I just go with the flow and let the word be a part of my life. Either way has worked well for me. Last year there was no way I could keep up with the prompts. I just let "magic" work its magic and took note of how it worked out in my life. There were definitely tough times in 2014, but overall I hope I remember the magical times. The times when things worked out. When I noticed magic moments of our everyday life.  There were definitely some big things that changed as well. I'm still learning some lessons from my choices last year and I hope to keep them in mind as I move forward. Thank you Magic. You were much needed last year and I hope I can wrap up 2014 with embracing the good and the tough learning moments as well. To forgive myself of not so good choices made. To know that I needed to learn these lessons and that it is time to move forward.

Which brings me to 2015. 

I started noticing Light around the end of November. "Let Your Heart Be Light" was coming quite strongly to me. I picked up this print from Ali Edwards and I knew this would be my word this year. 

I knew this word was a complex one. There is light and there is dark in life. It's not all bokeh lights and shimmering twinkle lights. It's also the shadows. Learning how to find the light in dark places. Noticing the lights that are my loved ones and doing more to rekindle the flames of relationships and love. To LIGHTEN UP and give myself a break. Enjoy more laughter and silly moments. Not be so darn defensive and lighten up with my self talk. Embrace my imperfections and move on. Be patient with myself and be better with "living in the grey areas" as Ali calls it. So tough right now. I'm a planner. I want to know what I need to do and take action. Some things take time. I want to lighten my loads: take on fewer assignments that do not contribute to my family's and my own wellness and happiness. Lots of listening to my heart in this area: does it make my heart lighter or do I feel heaviness and stress? Making the deliberate decision toward choosing the light is making this year a happier one so far. Yes, it's fewer "big things" in the scrapbooking community, but it means more time to be with family and savor this time. To sink into being a working mom and my profession. I work to support my family. I work because I do love what I do. I just happen to have quite a few passions which can make it tough sometimes to focus on what matters most. I want to be lighter physically and do more to nourish my physical body. Let go of past failures and choose more healthy options. And to clear the clutter around me. Let go of overspending and clutter. Let the light of a simplified life lift me up. Travel lighter and let my true self shine.

Those are just a few of my random thoughts right now. It's definitely a work in progress. 

I've started with setting goals each month around a theme, but also being open to the other aspects of "light." January was lightening up the clutter around me and getting more organized. It was so helpful. The apartment is much cleaner and organized and I am liking how the other aspects of light are playing out in my life too. I'm also listening to the "Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin as well as reading "Embracing Imperfection" by Brene Brown. And I'm considering doing a 30 Day Minimalism challenge as well.

February is already here and my goals are to feel lighter physically and emotionally. I already feel like I need a restart for February! But I have some goals and I'm going to review them instead of getting down on myself and try again. Lighten up and embrace my imperfections, right?

So, finally I get to my pages. I guess I had a lot to say.

I am using a 9x12 white Handbook from Studio Calico for my One Little Word. I've purchased two so far and have already moved my past years into my other white album. You can find those here. I used my Silhouette to cut the word "light" from Ali's brush set Noel. You can find it here. The word cards are from Ali's One Little Word class and some of the filler cards: the quote cards / patterns are from Oh Snap! Boutique (find those here.) Stamps and word stickers are from Ali's First Story Stamp / Kit. You can find those here. (Please direct questions regarding the story kits/stamps to Ali's site for the most accurate information.)

The gold painted star page was created by me and my daughter having fun with some paints and a silkscreen from Studio Calico. (find similar ones here if they are available)

So there they are! I'm working on the February prompt and hope to finish that one up soon as it is quite messy!

How about you? Do you choose a One Little Word? If so I would love to hear your word and how it is going for you!