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Hooray and Thank You!

Annette Haring

Hooray! Hooray! Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who took our recent class Catch Up with Project Life at Big Picture Classes.

It was really fun to see so many people get inspired and actually GET PAGES DONE!! 

So awesome. 

One of the cool things we did for the class was have a Big Party at the end, where we had 12 wonderful and amazing guests share their take on the challenges, and we also took on the other teachers' challenges. It was fun and so awesome to get inspiration from so many different styles and approaches. 

A few things I've learned: 

This community of Project Lifer's and scrapbookers and photographers and memory keepers is awesome.

Behind the scenes preparation is more than most people think. More than I thought. 

It takes time to learn to be a better online teacher.

It takes better equipment. I hope to get some better equipment to make it easier. 

It takes time and it takes heart.

It's not easy. I am thankful to those online teachers who put their heart into their work. I try to be one of those.

As Austin Kleon says, "write the story you want to read." I took that to mean, "teach the class you want to take" and so I went that route. I put my heart and time into it. I tried. I really tried. I was vulnerable and put myself out there. 

And I'm so thankful. So incredibly thankful to those who have taken the time to let me know how much they learned, how much they were inspired and how much they created! 

I know there are many online options now. It seems everywhere you look, there is this class or this sub or this thing. So I just wanted to say thank you for your time, your support and your feedback. It really helps.

So thank you. 

And where to go from here? I'll be working on my own Project Life and other projects as well as pages for Ali Edwards Digital Creative team. I plan to take some time off teaching online. It was a good learning experience, but my family needs me right now. I may be back, who knows? I plan to continue practicing with making videos, etc when I can and hope I can find time to share them. So who knows? When things settle down I may be back! :)

And definitely if you are looking for more classes with inspiration and encouragement for Project Life, I highly recommend checking out Megan Anderson. She is an amazing person and an amazing online teacher. I am so thankful for her guidance and inspiration and it was the most fun coming up with the class with her.

And keep an eye on my friend Trisha Harrison! Her work is beautiful and inspiring as is she! I'm so thankful she was a part of the class as well! And so thankful for her beautiful brush script which she let me use for this post. Definitely keep an eye out for her and hoping she will start selling her beautiful art!

Okay, not sure why I felt compelled to share all of this. I just wanted to say thank you for your support. And a reminder that as Ali says, "you are right where you are supposed to be."


Hooray brush script is from Trisha Harrison, used with permission.