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Just Like Magic | Video Tutorial on Printing 3x4 photo cards for Project Life® from Collect Photo App and Persnickety Prints

Annette Haring

Hello cute happy stack of photo cards! So happy to have been better about printing photos this past year.

Have been wanting to share this for quite a while. If you've been following my Project Life® in 2013, you will know that I've used photo cards printed from an iPhone app called Collect Photo App for the majority of my layouts.

First, a little history. I started printing these cards for Project Life® by saving each photo card (which includes the date and the journaling) to my camera roll, then cropping to 3x4 in Photoshop Elements, and then printing at home. It worked great at first because I was keeping up each week. As life got busier, I continued to use Collect to add photos and journaling, but cropping and printing out a month or more at a time felt very daunting.

So I tried uploading and printing from Pernickety Prints. I've used them before and really love their quality and customer service. Plus, they already print the 3x4 photos specifically to fit the Becky Higgins Project Life® page protectors. (I use Design F)

It was a trial and error, mainly due to complex things like photo ratio and print bleed. Thankfully, Chari at Persnickety Prints understands all of that and I was able to contact Stuart at Collect and both of them worked some magic.

Now, with the upgraded Pro version of Collect, you can easily export the photo cards, upload to Pernickety Prints, order them and then enjoy putting your layouts together when you they arrive. I usually do a month or more at a time to get a discounted rate on the 3x4 cards, plus that's usually when I finally get around to doing it!

**PLEASE NOTE: Be sure to select the Project Life 3x4 size if you are using Becky Higgins pocket pages. These are just slightly smaller than 3x4 and Persnickety will trim to 2.88x4 inches versus the full 3x4. 

Here's a sample of the cards I ordered in October. This stack was June - Sept 2013. I'm still working on getting them finished up but most all of these are in pocket pages and in my albums. I'll try to share the finished versions eventually.

Here's a sample of how I use these in my Project Life®.

In this video I show you through how to export from Collect and upload to Persnickety Prints. I use their LifePics app on my phone to upload, and then when I log into their site, those photos are there waiting for me. I love it. The first part of the video shows exporting from Collect and the second part shows uploading to Persnickety Prints.

And there it is! Hope that helps! I'm thinking about sharing another video on how to put two of the card s on a 6x4 (landscape canvas), and then you could use that to either print at home or send to your favorite photo developer. I use either an app called PicFrame or Photoshop Elements. Here's a link to a tutorial from Ali Edwards to get you started.

The steps to export: (in Collect)

1. Go to your calendar view. Tap on the bottom left rectangular box with the arrow on it.
2. Tap Export Photos.
3. Pick your dates. (leave it as it if you want to print the month you are in)
4. Tap Export Style.
5. Choose your photo size. (I choose 3x4 for my Project Life® pages)
6. Be sure add print bleed for best results.
7. Tap on the Back arrow at the top left.
8. Tap the bottom grey bar titled Export to Camera Roll
9. Photo cards will be found on your camera roll.

Steps to upload and print:

1. Download Life Pics app and connect with your Persnickety Prints account (skip this step and just upload from your computer if you choose after transferring your photos to your computer.)
2. Open Life Pics
3. Find the photos you want to upload on your camera roll (I make a separate folder to make this easier sometimes)
4. Tap the photo to select them.
5. Tap Upload.
6. Log into Persnickety Prints, find your photos under the date you uploaded.
7. Select what you want to order and select "Project Life 3x4**" size. (scroll down past the first 3x4 option)
8. Order and then enjoy them when you get them! Persnickety Prints has great customer service and will help you with any problems.

**Be sure to select the Project Life 3x4 size if you are using Becky Higgins pocket pages. These are just slightly smaller than 3x4 and Persnickety will trim to 2.88x4 inches versus the full 3x4. 

For more information on Project Life® by Becky Higgins, click here.

For more information on Persnickety Prints click here for info on their site about their mobile app and here for information on printing for your Project Life® For the link to the iPhone Life Pics app, click here.

note: I did receive some print credits while figuring out the printing process, but I'm sharing this tutorial because I wanted to share something that has helped me tremendously with my memory keeping this year.